Mark Zuckerberg Is A Sociopath

Not to start off too Seinfeldian, but what’s up with Mark Zuckerberg?

For those who aren’t up to their eyeballs in news every moment of every day Mark Zuckerberg only eats animals he kills.  Not Ted Nugent, survivalist, only eats deer he shoots with his homemade crossbow style.  Oh no, what he does he personally slashes the throat of farm-raised animals, with a knife, slashes its throat, then sends the carcass to a butcher.

The ABC News article linked above frames it as a matter of responsibility, a matter of knowing where your food comes from, of accepting that things you eat used to be alive.  (It also compares it to 2009 when he wore a tie every day.  I’m sure the goats love that.)  Other articles frame him as a charmingly eccentric billionaire or a model for sustainable living.

I consider it monumentally, legendarily creepy.  I have no problem with slaughtering animals for food, that’s certainly a thing that happens and there’s nothing wrong with it.  My issue is when a billionaire takes time out of his busy day to slash the throat of an animal then take part in no other stage of the process until it’s time to cook.  That’s just someone who actively refuses to eat anything that he didn’t watch die.

A farmer who raises and slaughters animals for food, would he or she refuse to eat dinner at a neighbor’s house unless he did the deed himself?  Does someone who works at a slaughterhouse only eat one type of meat?  No, because if an average person took that position he would immediately be suspected as a future serial killer.  That’s right up there with catching and dissecting squirrels as a kid on the list of signs that you should stay on someone’s good side.

But if a rich or famous does it, well that’s just the start to a new trend that’s sure to sweep the nation any minute now.

What I’m saying is that if Howard Hughes was alive today he would not be considered crazy.  If Howard Hughes was alive today you would see hipsters walking around in surgical scrubs and middle managers saving their urine in jars.  Back then locking yourself in a hotel room and refusing to cut your fingernails was a sure sign of mental illness, now if you’re rich it’s the next craze.  The rich and the famous, there’s literally nothing they can do which won’t either become a trend or be written off as a novelty.

Well I for one am not falling into that trap.  I’ll say it right here on the Internet for all to see: What Zuckerberg is doing is profoundly unnerving, and the fact that he brags about it even more so.

(If I disappear please check his basement, back yard and dinner table.)

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