Official Cage-O-Rama 2013 Movie List

Like a crazy phoenix rising from the ashes, Cage-O-Rama is back.  It’s really out of my hands.

Here’s a list of Nic Cage movies we’ve watched so far with short summaries:

  • Stolen (2/23/13) – What would Taken be like if Liam Neeson got beat up by literally everyone, including a one-legged, seven-fingered Sammy Hagar lookalike?  Bad.
  • Trespass (2/23/13) – This is easily the worst movie I’ve ever seen.  It makes the plot of The Room look sane and logical by comparison.  So, so bad.
  • Face/Off (3/2/13) – You’ve seen this movie.  You don’t need a summary.
  • Bringing Out The Dead (3/2/13) – Well, that was boring.
  • Gone in Sixty Seconds (3/16/13) – If you get in a high speed chase, make sure you’re the one driving the ’67 Shelby GT.
  • Vampire’s Kiss (3/22/13) – Just watch this.
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