I’m Not Watching Either Convention and This is Why

As I watch a football game rather than the Democratic National Convention friends are hassling me for putting sports over politics.  Well, I’m not watching either convention, and it’s specifically because I care about politics.

How exactly is a meticulously choreographed, carefully scripted propaganda telethon supposed to make me a more informed voter?  What real hard, objective information does this tell me other than which party has the better public speakers?  It’s a waste of time, it’s a waste of resources and I have better things to do.

People are complaining that NBC is showing football rather than speeches but that misses the point.  What the political system needs isn’t more convention coverage, what it needs is more debates with moderators who aren’t afraid to call out candidates for ignoring the question.  What it needs is coverage that checks facts and isn’t afraid to call out lies and half-truths.  It does not need more of pep rallies.

If you’ll excuse me I have Cowboys to root against and rhetoric to ignore.

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