So Apparently I Have A Blog Now

Well it seems the time has finally come.  The planets have aligned, the fates have…fated and the long-awaited day has come.

I have a blog now.

Please, please, hold your applause.  I know you’re excited.

You see, I’ve had a case of the writing yips recently.  The whole putting words in order thing has eluded me to various extents.  I’ve decided that part of the problem is that I don’t do it with enough regularity, at least outside emails and IMs, and in more than 140 characters.  So here I am.

I’d go on about what I’m going to write about except odds are everyone reading this are people I know, and none of you are going to believe that I have that concrete a plan, so I’ll lay out the plan as it stands: I’m gonna write stuff when I have something to say.  Tell your friends!

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