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An Open Letter To Geraldo Rivera

Mr. Rivera, Seriously? I mean, really? I admit I’m not a minority so I don’t have first-hand knowledge, though I did get hassled by a cop just before writing this for matching a description of “a Hispanic male in a … Continue reading

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Yes, I hold opinions. No, I am not biased.

Since that I tweet more often about work-related things more readers are following me on Twitter.  And, of course, because we’re still buried neck-deep in the era of bitter partisanship, some are outraged over perceived biased. Now I’m not getting … Continue reading

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To my BANG colleagues: I’m going to get involved with the union and I need your help.

My apologies to anyone reading this who doesn’t work with me.  It’s a mix of boring office politics and how-sausage-is-made internal strife.  I won’t blame you if you skip it, it’s not exactly for you. On the other hand, if … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Medium First journalism

A couple weeks ago (back when I originally meant to write this) Steve Buttry, Director of Community Engagement and Social Media for my employer’s employer Digital First Media, wrote a series of five blog posts about the philosophy and workflow of … Continue reading

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On LAPD’s Approved Media List

Violations of Constitutional rights, sadly, still happen quite a bit in the United States.  Many of those violations are far worse than abridging freedom of speech and of the press since they ruin or even end lives.  I don’t in … Continue reading

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