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This Week in the Washington Post

The Washington Post is not having the best week they’ve ever had. Sunday: “If I could, I would repeal the Internet.”  And “…the Internet’s benefits are relatively modest compared with previous transformative technologies.”  In a column supposedly about economics. Monday: … Continue reading

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More information about BANG-EB contract negotiations

Colleagues, There have been some misunderstandings about the latest bargaining update, and I don’t think it completely captures the tone of the negotiations, so I decided to commandeer the email list and blog to give you some more specific details … Continue reading

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Pay Walls, Old Media and Fair Wages

A while back David Simon, creator of the only two TV shows set in Baltimore ever, said that “the whole [newspaper] industry will continue to collapse until everyone swallows hard and goes behind a paywall.” Why and how he’s hilariously … Continue reading

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Danny’s Rules of Voting

A lot of people so far today have asked me who I voted for.  I have a two-part answer to that: Part 1: None of your business.  Screw you. Part 2: I will, however, tell you who I didn’t vote … Continue reading

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There Are No Such Things As Bloggers

Bloggers don’t exist. Established media types have tried to draw a distinction between “journalists” and “bloggers” since blog became a word.  Whether it’s out of elitism, ignorance or protectionism isn’t clear and mostly irrelevant, but it boils down to the … Continue reading

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